Teddy’s President Testifies About Passenger Safety

Teddy’s Transportation System, Inc. President and CEO Charles Wisniewski testified in support of passenger safety regulations this month before the Connecticut General Assembly’s Committee on Transportation. The committee was reviewing current requirements which prospective livery providers must meet to do business in Connecticut.

In addition to passing a background check and demonstrating that they have adequate capital, not only to purchase vehicles, but to maintain the vehicles’ safety and provide required liability insurance (currently $1.5 million per vehicle), those who want to be approved to provide service “in general livery” must currently secure a certificate of public convenience and necessity. This provision ensures that Connecticut livery companies will be able to sustain sufficient margins to keep safe vehicles on the road.

Many of the companies that advertise chauffeured car service in Connecticut and airport limousine service do not have a permit to operate vehicles “in General Livery” from the Connecticut DOT. Those that do operate vehicles with an “L” license plate; only these vehicles are permitted for chauffeured trips that begin and end at points within Connecticut.

The state also issues “Z” license plates, which are allowed for inter-state travel only, to both operators that have a permit to provide service “in general livery” in Connecticut and to those who don’t. Vehicles with “Z” plates or out-of-state license plates are NOT permitted for intra-state transport in Connecticut. (In addition, some of the surrounding states are less restrictive and may license vehicles which Connecticut deems are unsafe.)

Call the Connecticut DOT (860.594.2000) to verify that the livery service you plan to hire is a licensed operator in Connecticut. Connecticut has recently cracked down on companies which are not in compliance with state law.

Charles Wisniewski has long been recognized for his leadership in protecting the traveling public by lobbying for adequate safety regulations. Teddy’s Transportation System, Inc. has vehicles with both “L” and “Z” plates in its fleet and holds both a Federal Department of Transportation Permit #216154 and a Connecticut DOT Permit #1916. Teddy’s maintains $6.5 million insurance on every vehicle in its fleet, well in excess of the $1.5 million required by the State.


  1. says

    Don’t get me wrong, the limousine industry has an *impeccable* safety record. But Tuesday I orientated yet another new Teddy’s chauffeur who’d been driving, professionally, just the day before; and for the previous four years, for a competing limousine service — *without mandatory medical clearance.*

    He’s safe; medically cleared that day and driving for Teddy’s today. But with such a prevalence of drowsy driving due to low sugar or high blood pressure who’d dare use a limo service who doesn’t keep up on this component; especially given the incredibly demanding schedules most New York area chauffeurs and livery cab drivers keep!

    From all the interviews I do, my personal estimate that 80% of Connecticut chauffeurs do not have a valid medical card in their wallet. Ask your next chauffeur – or call 1-800-TEDDY – we all have them.

  2. Michael says

    Well, that’s not something I would have ever thought to ask about… medical clearance for drivers. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.